#OpenSource #OnGoing

This project features Google sharing capabilities by providing the public with viewing privileges of personal documents. The documents include scholarship applications, residency applications on spreadsheets, and professional profiles. The main goal for these gestures is to permeate my sphere of influence with access and connections to resources I am familiar with. A similar goal would be to simultaneously minimize the stifling competitive attitude most emerging artists adopt. Visit the work in progress at




The net//pop.up project is an interactive internet cafe. Showcasing the best of the internet in one space on 10+ computer screens. Each screen houses multiple open windows carefully curated with interactive and international live feeds. The goal is to create a space that feels like the internet with the present, past, and future interacting at once. Also on display are videos, gifs, websites, apps, and generators.



last.text.sent was a site-specific installation focusing on connecting passersby. The site was a forlorn stairwell that I regularly passed. I had first noticed the location while gathering beautiful rusted debris for a sculpture. In an attempt to connect with the hundreds of people that passed the location, I created an installation using the usual trope that attracts people, bright colors and paired it with symbols that are generally used to keep people at bay like caution tape, caution signs, and traffic cones. Even though the symbols are used to keep people away, I was planning for a 'rubber-necking' effect. The traffic signs also served a symbolic purpose of uniting the artist's two spheres of influence St. Petersburg and Tampa. The piece was accompanied by a written statement that read as a text message being sent by the last human on earth the had humorously died in that location.